For over fifty years Cedar Creek has been one of the leading wild game processors in Northeast Wisconsin. From whole carcass deer, boar, bear, and elk to boneless trim, Cedar Creek can handle all of your processing needs. Check out our full processing price list and product descriptions below, or print out the shorter sausage products only menu from the link below.

For Sunday drop off – Please call 920-734-8792 from 10am to 7pm


Skin, cut, wrap, freeze- WE KEEP HIDE $ 95.00
Skin, cut, wrap, freeze- HIDE RETURNED $ 100.00
Cape, cut, wrap, freeze- READY FOR MOUNT $ 140.00
Boning Charge $ 1.00 / lb.
Cutting Stew Meat $ 1.00 / lb.

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Grinding and Wrapping $ 1.00 / lb.
Grinding Only (Return Bulk) $ 0.75 / lb.
Make Patties $ 1.25 / lb.
Beef $ 3.99/ lb.
Pork $ 2.29 / lb.
Bacon $ 2.99 / lb.
Suet $ 1.49 / lb.

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Whole Deer / Parts CUTTING CHARGE
Boneless Trim $1 PER LB
Whole Bear, Caribou, Etc $100

Down payments are required at the time the meat is dropped off.

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  • All items are made with the final weight being made up of 2/3 venison and 1/3 pork and beef trim- except bacon.
  • All sausage items have the cost of the pork and beef trim figured in to the price of the item.
  • All prices are subject to change based on market prices at time of processing.
  • We inspect all meat at the time of processing. Any questionable meat will be returned to the customer.
  • 5# Minimum for each product
SUMMER SAUSAGE – vacuum packed in 2 pound packages  
Regular  $3.19 / lb.

German Style

Summer Sausage with Cheddar Cheese 

$3.39 / lb.

$3.99 / lb. 

Jalapeño & Cheddar $4.39/ lb.
Ring Farmers  $3.39 / lb.

Price is based on final weight.

SNACK STIX – vacuum packed in 2 pound packages  
Mild Stix  $3.79 / lb.
Mild Stix With Cheddar  $4.99 / lb.
Hot Stix  $3.79 / lb.
Habanero Stix $4.99 / lb.
Jalapeño & Cheddar Stix  $4.99 / lb.
Teriyaki Stix  $4.99 / lb.
Honey BBQ Stix  $4.99 / lb.

Price is based on beginning weight- approximately 25% shrinkage occurs during smoking process.

WIENERS & SMOKED SAUSAGES – vacuum packed in 2 pound packages  
Natural Casing Wieners $3.99 / lb.
Ring Bologna  $2.99 / lb.
Polish Sausage $3.59 / lb.
Cheddar Brats  $4.29 / lb.

Price is based on final weight.

FRESH BRATWURST & LINKIES – Bratwursts are wrapped 6 per package. Linkies, bulk and patties are wrapped in 1 lb. packages.  
Bratwurst $2.79 / lb.

Italian Bratwurst

Bulk Italian Sausage

$2.89 / lb.

$2.29 / lb. 

Jalapeño & Cheddar Bratwurst $3.39 / lb.
Breakfast Linkies $3.19 / lb.

Bratwurst Patties

Bulk Breakfast Sausage

$2.69 / lb.

$2.29 / lb. 

Price is based on final weight. All products are wrapped and froze upon completion. 

BACON – freezer wrapped in 1 pound packages  
Smoked and Sliced Bacon $3.49 / lb.

Price is based on beginning weight- approximately 25% shrinkage occurs during smoking process. 
This product is made with equal amounts of pork and venison.

Structured Jerky Strips $3.99 / lb.
Old Fashioned Beef Jerky $4.99 / lb.
Old Fashioned Pepper Jerky $5.29 / lb.
Old Fashioned Teriyaki Jerky $5.99 /lb.

Price is based on beginning weight- approximately 50% shrinkage occurs during smoking process.
*Old Fashioned Jerky requires whole rounds to make.

*Whole- wrapped $2.89 / lb.
*Sliced- wrapped in 1 lb. packages $3.29 / lb.

*Requires whole rounds to make.

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All sausage items are packaged in 2# packages unless otherwise noted. Special packaging will be an additional $0.50 per pound. 

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The following additional charges will be added to the listed price. Special orders will be processed based on production schedules and smokehouse availability. On average, special orders may take up to 6 weeks longer than regular orders.

Add Cheese $1.00 / lb.
Add Peppers $1.00 / lb.
Add Extra Spices $0.25 / lb.
Keep Separate Charges $0.50 / lb.

– For each item you would like made, you will need 16# of venison. If you do not have enough venison, lean trim can be purchased for the following amounts:

All deer brought in with a CWD Zone tag will be required to be processed separately. Keep separate charges will apply

Venison Price Sheet 2020

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